"I recently had the pleasure of participating in Damian Dziengo's sales training course, and I wanted to share a positive review. I found the content and strategies Damian presented to be highly beneficial for improving my sales approach. Throughout the course, Damian provided practical insights and techniques that have greatly enhanced my sales skills. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to structure my sales conversations more effectively and apply different strategies with confidence. This has positively impacted my sales performance and overall approach to selling. Since implementing the strategies learned in the course, I have observed significant positive results. I feel more empowered and equipped to navigate sales interactions, and I have seen an improvement in my ability to engage clients and prospects. The course has provided me with a solid foundation for success in sales. I want to express my gratitude to Damian for delivering a valuable and impactful sales training course. The knowledge and skills I acquired have been instrumental in elevating my sales abilities and achieving better outcomes. I highly recommend Damian's training to anyone looking to enhance their sales techniques and excel in their sales role. Thank you, Damian, for the valuable insights and guidance!"

Jonathan Bryslawski, IT Sales and Business Development, June 2023

"Enrolling in Damian's business development training course was a game-changer for me. With prior experience, I wanted to level up my skills. Damian's course built on my knowledge and provided powerful strategies that boosted my success. His guidance transformed my prospecting and deal-closing approach. I learned valuable tactics like Jordan Belfort's Straight Line Selling, which proved highly effective in rapport-building and securing successful deals. The course struck a perfect balance between theory and practice. Damian's engaging teaching style created an enjoyable learning environment. He simplified complex concepts into actionable steps, offering insights, examples, and personalized feedback. This hands-on approach boosted my confidence in tackling business development challenges. The comprehensive course materials were invaluable references, even after the training. Applying the acquired knowledge directly to my work improved prospecting and deal closures. I achieved remarkable results thanks to Damian's training, securing significant partnerships like Shooters Hill College. I now approach prospects with confidence, tailoring my approach to their needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Damian's business development training course. His expertise, inclusion of Jordan Belfort's tactic, and practical nature make it an invaluable investment. Thanks to Damian, I've enhanced my skills, experienced professional growth, and achieved great success."

Berk Khandil, Business Development - Remote Work Platforms - May 2023

“I am excited to share my testimonial for Damian's exceptional sales training course. As an experienced and accomplished salesperson, I had high expectations, and I can confidently say that this training has surpassed them all. Damian demonstrated remarkable expertise and provided invaluable insights. The course content struck the perfect balance between theory and practical applications, tailored to the unique challenges faced by seasoned professionals like myself. What impressed me the most was their emphasis on interpersonal skills and building authentic connections with clients. By incorporating the real-life tested strategies that Damian shared with me, I have witnessed significant improvements in my sales effectiveness and overall performance. Since completing the training, I have experienced a noticeable boost in my sales outcomes. I feel more confident and well-equipped to handle any sales situation, achieving outstanding results and consistently surpassing targets. I highly recommend Damian's sales training course to any experienced sales professional looking to optimize their sales excellence. The investment in this training is a testament to your commitment to personal growth and professional success. Damian's training course has truly enriched my career, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from his exceptional expertise."reat driving lessons and an unbeatable atmosphere. I recommended this driving school to all my friends!”

Giuseppe Santino - IT Business Development, June 2023 

"I recently had the privilege of participating in Damian's transformative sales training course, and I'm thrilled to share my enthusiastic endorsement. Damian's guidance and strategic approach have revolutionized my sales performance, propelling me to new heights in my role as a sales representative. Even though I was skeptical at the beginning, and I was afraid that the training might be not practical, Damian's insights and techniques captivated me. The content was carefully crafted, and the strategies were proven, giving me a competitive edge in today's demanding sales environment. Integrating Damian's teachings into my sales process has yielded remarkable results. I now navigate sales interactions with confidence, fostering stronger engagement and rapport with clients and prospects. As a result, my sales performance has surpassed targets and driven substantial growth for my organization. I am immensely grateful for Damian's exceptional sales training course. The knowledge and skills I've gained are indispensable tools for achieving sales excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend Damian's training to anyone seeking to elevate their sales techniques and achieve unparalleled success. Thank you, Damian, for your invaluable insights and unwavering support. Your training has been a game-changer, and I'm grateful for the profound impact it has had on my professional growth and achievements."

Maxim Paulus - B2B Business Development - June 2023

"I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial regarding the remarkable impact of Damian's sales training course on my career. As an individual with approximately three years of experience in sales, I approached the training initially with a sense of skepticism, questioning whether it could genuinely make a substantial difference to my results. However, I was quickly enlightened by the training's absolute game-changing nature. Damian's training sessions shattered all my doubts by equipping me with practical strategies and techniques that could be implemented immediately, yielding remarkable results. This comprehensive training not only nurtured my approach to sales, but also significantly enhanced my sales performance. Since completing the training, my sales results have experienced an astronomical surge. I consistently surpass my targets and effortlessly close deals with newfound confidence. The invaluable techniques I acquired have proven to be a treasure trove, unlocking exciting opportunities and opening doors I once believed were out of reach. To anyone who, like me, initially harbored doubts about the potential impact of sales training, I wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunity to learn from Damian and his exceptional team. The training they provide serves as the catalyst for a profound transformation in your sales career. Trust me, every second invested in this training is worth its weight in gold."

Tasneem Ahemed - Business Development and  Social Media Sales - IT

“Bestsalesboost.com is our strategic partner for Sales training and sales process improvement. Mr Dziengo trains our staff, and we do recommend Mr Dziengo's services as a sales trainer for our clients.”

“Telefon Kaltakquise ist meine tägliche Beschäftigung. Es ist nicht einfach, neue Kunden per Telefon zu gewinnen. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Bestsalesboost.com und das Training mit Damian Dziengo fällt es mir jetzt viel leichter Abschlüsse am Telefon zu erreichen. Das System von Herrn Dziengo ist extrem wirksam. Damian ist ein Trainer mit absoluter Expertenkompetenz. Er geht sehr methodisch vor. Seine Schulungen sind praxisorientiert. Die Schulung ist eine gute Investition. Sie lohnt sich für jeden, der sich effektiv in der Telefonakquise verbessern möchte. An 4 Trainingstagen habe extrem viel praktisches Know-how gewonnen. Deshalb bin ich jetzt jedes Mal motiviert und gut vorbereitet, wenn ich Kunden am Telefon anrufe. Danke! Das Training war toll.“

“Sales is my profession. I usually work in Italy. I took lessons with many trainers already. As an example, I was trained in Jordan Belford's straight-line sales system. Originally I chose Damian's training primarily to improve my English. But I enhanced much more than my language skills. I won insights into complete new sales techniques. Damian's entry is unbeatable. With his system, I can work in every region. Bestsalesboost.com is definitely a company which I would recommend for inside sales training! " 

Nicky Rufolo, 21 years, Independent Sales Representative

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