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Price: FREE

As soon as you have connected with us, you will receive a FREE DEMO and a FREE COACHING session.

With the FREE DEMO, you will get an introduction to the structure and communication psychology which is underpinning my sales training.

In the FREE COACHING session, your team members will get a first coaching session about effectively addressing and initiating an outbound phone call with a decision-maker.

This part will already noticeably improve the quality of the conversations between your team and decision-makers. 


PRICE: determined by the number of participants

Your team will receive four training sessions with intense goal-oriented training. The goal of the training is to transform your team, instead of just delivering information. Each participant will generate required sales results on autopilot as a consequence of the course when thoroughly following the rules.  At the end of the training, each participant will receive a certificate, provided that he/she passes a structured ability test.

The training is broken down into a course of eight weeks. Each week, there is one online live training session and one QA session. We do provide 24/7 help desk support.  

Your team learns to implement the following elements effectively:

  • communication principles
  • statistics
  • preparation
  • introduction
  • initial
  • client discovery
  • objection handling
  • personal assistant conversation
  • confidence in conversations at the C level
  • closing and leave-taking
  • debriefing
  • reporting
  • setting up the next step appointment or demo
  • leading the next step appointment or demo
  • post-processing of the appointment

Each session includes a practical part in the form of a role-play and a QA session.

Each participant receives supporting materials such as workshop scripts and a training workbook.


PRICE: individualized offer

After participating in the CORE training your team will instantly get better results. Our previous clients have seen 50 - 70 % improvement at this stage. Every participant will receive supporting materials like calling scripts and a training workbook and will be enabled to review and to rehearse learned topics and materials. But it is only natural that some of your sales representatives might not retain every single detail and might not see the vital details instantly after participating in the CORE training. Therefore you can additional chose to book individual follow-up care training where your colleagues will be supported by me with

  • shadowing
  • hints for specifically difficult situations
  • support for individual script development
  • confidence-boosting motivation
  • intensive role-play


FREE Lifetime access for download of training materials

You will be granted access to free training and updated supporting materials. During the time of the training, we operate a 24/7 support help desk for you. 



In some individual cases where HELP IS REQUIRED QUICKLY and YOU NEED TO INCREASE YOUR PIPELINE and REVENUES WITHOUT DELAY, You can achieve it by booking me as an independent Business Development or Sales Representative That way You can TURN AROUND DIFFICULT CAMPAIGNS or IMPROVE RESULTS in NEW or ONGOING OPERATIONS

The fees considering this service are to negotiate individually. 



for an individual quote. 


“Quality means for me that I deliver results. After my training, you will increase your revenue, when you follow my advice with a 100 % commitment."


As a result of the training, you will increase your revenue, when you do the work. 

You will get premium quality training. I make sure that your organisation and your team get the best possible benefit. 

Your team will get access to some of the best content on the market, which leverages years of knowledge and expertise. 

I personally promise the following benefits: 


Results and Effectiveness: 

I am committed to results. Your team will increase its revenue results as a consequence of my training when your team follows the rules.

I will serve your team efficiently in the right way and with the right tools. I do help to transform your team instead of just providing education. 

I teach with high levels of enthusiasm, energy and momentum. 

Your team will develop new and improved skills quickly. The benefits will be felt fast. 

My expertise and sales system are practical and can be replicated at scale to help you increase pipeline and revenues rapidly. 

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